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I am getting 7XX Error on my screen

This indicates your receiver is having trouble communicating with you satellite dish. As a result, your TV signal may be interrupted.

IMPORTANT: In rare instances, the signal between your dish and the satellite might be temporarily lost due to a severe storm. If you are currently experiencing heavy rain, hail or snow, please wait for it to pass before proceeding with the steps below. In the meantime, you can still enjoy your favorite entertainment –Live or On Demand- on your laptop, tablet or cell phone. If there are no severe weather conditions in your area and you´re seeing the 771 Error on all your receivers, please call 1-855-LUV-MYTV for further assistance.

If only some receivers are affected, but not all, please proceed with the steps below. You need to be home to troubleshoot:

A- Your cables may be loose. Check all the connections between your receiver and the wall outlet, starting with the sat-in (or satellite in) connection, and make sure they´re secure. NOTE: If you have any adaptors connected to the cable, please check them as well.

B- You may have a swim power inserter (picture on the right) attached to the DIRECTV cable coming from your dish. Unplug it from the electrical outlet, wait for 15 seconds, and plug it back in. NOTE: Do not plug in the swim power inserter to a power outlet that can be turned off.

C- If you can easily see yout satellite dish, check to see that there´s nothing blocking the line of sight from the dish to the sky. Do not climb your roof. If you can´t safely remove the obstruction, please contact us to schedule a Service Call.

What should I do if my TV screen turned black, blue or gray?

Before you begin troubleshooting, press info on your remote control. If you see a banner showing a program title and description at the top of the screen, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below only if you´re seeing:

– Black, blue or gray screen.

– ¨No Signal¨ message without the DIRECTV Logo.

NOTE: If your TV screen appears ¨frozen¨ or you´re seeing wavy lines or overlapping images, try this:

Solution 1:

A- Check that your TV is set on the right input turn.

B- Turn your TV and receiver off and back on.

C- Using your DIRECTV remote control, press the TV input button to cycle through TV inputs (component, HDMI, etc.) until you see a picture.

D- If nothing happens when you press the button, try programming your DIRECTV remote to control your TV input and try again.

NOTE: You can also try changing the TV input using your TV remote. If you´re still having issues, check the cable used to connect your receiver to your TV.

Still not seeing a clear picture? Continue to Solution 2.

Solution 2:

A- Reset your receiver. On some DIRECTV receivers there is a red button located inside the access card door on the front panel. Press it, then wait for your receiver to reboot.

NOTE: If you cannot locate the red reset button or your receiver does not have one.

B- Unplug the receiver´s power cord from the electrical oulet, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in.

C- Then press the power button on the front panel of your receiver and wait for it to reboot.

What Exede service plans are available to me?

We are launching two services:
exede12: a 12Mbps downstream/3Mbps upstream service in the regions covered by our new ViaSat-1 satellite.

exede5: a 5Mbps downstream/1Mbps upstream service for most of the rest of the nation.

Within each region, the service plans all will have the same high speed and vary only by data allowance. Please call us to find out which service is available in your area.

So I get the same speed no matter which plan I buy?

Yes. We believe that you should not have to pay extra in order to get the highest speed we offer. You buy the amount of data you need.

How can you offer such fast speeds? Are the super fast services provided via a new satellite?

Yes. The rollout of Exede broadband service is a major milestone in a process that began in 2008 when ViaSat started construction on its next-generation satellite system, representing the most significant capacity leap in the history of satellite technology. The system uses the the breakthrough ViaSat-1 satellite that was launched in October 2011.

ViaSat-1 has more capacity than the rest of the communications satellites over North America combined, and is designed to serve over a million subscribers.

Is ViaSat-1's high capacity the reason for the high speeds?

That is part of the reason. Our new service incorporates new, ground breaking web acceleration technology which dramatically speeds up page load times. So in addition to the much higher speeds enabled by our high capacity satellite, you will experience a much snappier web browsing experience.

The combination of ViaSat-1, our web acceleration technology, and equipment is what facilitates these exciting new services.

What kind of new things can I do? Is the experience different than previous satellite Internet services?

We’re about to change everything you think about broadband via satellite! With the new Exede service, you can now enjoy the full extent of what the Internet offers:

• Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer buffering delays
• Better video chat with less jitter
• Share more photos with friends and family
• Download and stream music
• Experience exceptionally fast web browsing and email
• Connect multiple computers, smart phones, tablet devices and web-enabled TVs

We will continue to roll out enhanced services, such as Voice, over time.

What happens if I exceed my monthly data allowance?

If you use up your data allowance before your monthly reset date, your service will be slowed. On a monthly basis your usage will be reset to zero, at which point your speeds will be restored. If you find that you need more data than your plan allows, you can always upgrade to a higher data plan.

There is no charge to upgrade (or downgrade) your account between packages.

I'm a current WildBlue customer. Can I get the new Exede service?

Yes. As a valued current customer, we want to offer you an opportunity to upgrade to our new service. We are offering a Priority Upgrade Program for our current customers. We expect to begin our upgrade installations in April. The upgrade will require a brand new satellite dish and modem which will be installed and configured by a certified technician, and the new service requires a fee to get started.

Please call us so we can fill you in on all the details, including applicable upgrade fees.

What if I choose to stay with my current WildBlue service?

We remain dedicated to providing high quality service for customers who wish to continue their WildBlue service. In fact, we plan to begin implementing technology upgrades for our WildBlue customers later this year. Most importantly, you won’t have to do anything to get these benefits – they will be rolled out automatically as the new levels of service become available.

Even if you choose to remain on your existing WildBlue service, improving your service experience remains a priority for us.

Who is ViaSat?

ViaSat is the company that delivers both the existing WildBlue service and the new Exede service. ViaSat is an innovator and leader in the satellite industry, providing products and services for consumers, businesses, the U.S. military, and the U.S. government. For more information, please visit.